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Ms Dawn Jotham

Dawn Jotham is an experienced Pastoral Care specialist having worked in schools and education for over 20 years. Dawn now heads up the production and development of EduCare’s courses for the education sector and has been involved with the latest courses on Mental Wellbeing and SEND. EduCare is based in the United Kingdom but has a broad range of customers across the world, particularly from International Schools. Their primary focus is on ‘duty of care’, helping to keep children, young people and adults safe from harm.

With over 1,200 courses completed every day, EduCare is the market leader in developing and delivering highly engaging online learning courses in partnership with leading experts. EduCare’s complete safeguarding service for international schools provides access to high-quality courses as well as robust reporting function which records learner progress and provides evidence to inspectors. EduCare’s dedicated customer service team ensures all customers get the most from their investment – helping to improve usage and create bespoke reports.

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